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Costa Rica is considered one of the best countries in the world to enjoy nature. The words "Costa Rica" and "ecotourism" are practically synonymous. Geographically speaking, visitors can find almost every climate and environment imaginable.

From towering mountain peaks to deep canyons, from tropical rainforests to arid savannas, from wetlands and marshes to lush jungles, and much more, Costa Rica has it all, and if that's not enough, add 1,290 km of breathtaking coastline, five active volcanoes, and more than 100 dormant ones. The adventure options are limitless.

Nauyaca Waterfall
Nauyaca Waterfall

Regenerative tourism: Beyond sustainability.

It is necessary to know how to effectively protect nature so that we see it as something that goes beyond planting trees, recycling waste, or reducing utility bills. It is about moving from "Ego-system" thinking to "Ecosystem" thinking, where we, human beings, are part of the whole and not above all.